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Access Services

Access Services for Adults with Disabilities
Access Services seeks to build community and friendships by providing opportunities to learn new skills and to explore areas of participants' interests. Our customized classes are designed for adults (18 and up) with developmental disabilities who are interested in community-driven learning and enrichment opportunities.

How do I sign up?
To sign up and find out about these and other Community Education Programs: Contact our Access Citywide Coordinator, Laura Campbell, at 612-668-2478 or can also sign up on

Participation Guidelines
  • Preregistration is required for all classes.
  • Classes and activities will be held unless you are notified that they are full or canceled. Weather Notifications: Access Services may be closed due to inclement weather. Call your coordinator or check the MPS website at if you have questions about closings. 
  • Transportation to and from the class or activity is the responsibility of the participant or care provider. 
  • Participants requiring assistance for physical and/or behavioral issues must be accompanied by a caregiver. Group homes and families must identify these individual's needs. 
  • Participants should report directly to the classroom instructors no more than 15 minutes before the listed class time and should be picked up promptly when event is scheduled to end. Please notify Metro Mobility of the beginning and ending times of classes or activities. 
  • Access Services activities are sponsored by the Minneapolis Public Schools. Smoking or drinking is not allowed.

Accommodations & Accessibility 
Please indicate on your registration form or when you call any accommodations needed to effectively participate in the class for which you wish to register. Examples of accommodations include, but are not limited to:
  • Sign language interpreter 
  • Accessible classroom location
  • Alternate format registration materials 
  • Alternate format class materials 
  • Dietary restrictions (Refreshments are served in some classes) 

Please register at least two weeks in advance of a class, to allow for arrangement of accommodations. 

Note to Support Coordinator Providers 
Many of the programs that Access Services offers can be paid through the DD Waiver. As you are planning for services and supports, you may want to consider this funding option. Often, the use of funds needs to be paired with a goal within the person's individual plan. Participants must pay for their classes. Access Services does not bill county agencies. Receipts will be issued so participant can apply for financial reimbursement based on waiver stipulation.