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Teach a Class FAQ

What happens after I submit my proposal? 
Once your class proposal is received, it is forwarded to the coordinator(s) at the location(s) you selected. If you did not indicate any locations, your proposal is forwarded to our locations citywide. The coordinator(s) will evaluate the level of interest they feel your class will generate, the courses they already offer and the time/space they have available. They will contact you if the course fits their current program needs.

When will I hear about whether my proposal is accepted? 
If your proposed class meets their program needs, the coordinator(s) will contact you. However, if you do not hear from them, please feel free to contact the site Coordinators to discuss the status of your application or address any questions you may have. 

What is the typical schedule for community education? 
Adult classes are typically scheduled for fall, winter and spring quarters. Each quarter runs from 6 to 8 weeks. We have a smaller summer session at select sites. Classes may be scheduled for one evening or many, depending on what you plan to teach. Some sites offer Saturday programming. Coordinators are happy to help with planning.

What are the deadlines for submitting a class proposal? 
Fall Quarter (begins late September or early October) - Deadline April 15
Winter Quarter (begins late January) - Deadline September 8
Spring/Summer Quarter (Spring begins mid-April/Summer begins mid-June) - Deadline December 15

Do I need to be a licensed teacher? 
No, what you need is knowledge about your subject matter and a passion to share that knowledge with your community.

Do I need to follow a specific curriculum? 
You are not required to adhere to a specific curriculum. Coordinators may have curriculum materials you can use or you can construct your own. Coordinators may ask for an overview of your lesson plan, which could include a class outline, learning objectives, a list of materials needed and/or a check-in meeting prior to class. Coordinators can help brainstorm, troubleshoot and give you feedback on your curriculum.

Do you pay per hour or per student? 
We pay an hourly rate. We do not use the per student method of payment.

How much does a community education instructor make? 
The starting pay rate is approximately $18/hour for class time but will vary depending on the type of class and instructor experience. We do not pay for preparation time. The site coordinator is the person who will discuss more specific pay rates with you.

Who determines how much the class costs? 
We determine how much the class will cost students by using a formula. The formula takes into account the instructor pay, how many hours the class will run for the session, a registration fee and any supply fees. We make every attempt to keep our classes affordable.

What if there are supplies or copies I need for the class? 
Typically, if you have handouts or copies prepared the week before class, your site coordinator can print them out for you. When you schedule a class with a coordinator, discuss your supply needs. Some materials may already be available in our offices. If new items must be purchased, that cost will be added to students’ registration fees. Discuss with your coordinator a plan for purchasing supplies..

Do I need to pay rent? 
No, the space is provided for you to teach with us.

Is there a minimum number of students required to hold the class? 
Yes, each class has a minimum number of students to make the class a "go." That number will differ from class to class. Your site coordinator can let you know the number. In the event there are not enough students registered, the class will be cancelled.

If I am hired will there be additional forms to fill out? 
Yes, you will receive a packet of paperwork that will be required to become either a MPS school district employee or, in a rare occasion, an independent contractor. All forms will need to be completed and submitted to your site coordinator. The coordinator then makes sure the paper work reaches Human Resources for processing.

Is there a place where I can get more information about all of this? 
Yes, a couple of our sites offer a free one night class called "How to Become a Community Education Teacher." Check the class listing at or give us a call at 612-668-3939 to get class information.